Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How to remove Huawei P20 Pro Demo Retail Video from playing over and over again.

If you ever bought a Huawei P20 Pro demo phone online and found out later that you couldn't use it because it has a demo video which kept on looping and sucking the battery out of your daily usage.

Here are some tips and tricks for you.

Step 1: install ADB in your Windows PC / Laptop
(I will not elaborate further on this just google you can get some answers / how to's)

Step 2: connect your phone to PC and enable USB Debugging
(You will need a couple of tries until you see a pop up box on the phone asking for your permission to allow your connection to the PC)

Step 3: check if you have ADB access
Open command prompt and enter the commands below
Make sure you change your directory to the ADB folder 1st.

Step 3.1: Type in "adb devices -l" at the command prompt without the "
If you successfully connected you will get a prompt showing the device which is connected

List of devices attached
XXX0000000000000       device product:CLT-L29 model:CLT_L29 device:HWCLT

Step 4: After that go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Device administrators
Disable Retail mode & HwRetailAssistant

Step 5: Go back to adb command prompt and type this 2 commands to remove the Demo Loop Video
1) "adb shell cmd package uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.retaildemo"
2) "adb shell cmd package uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.experience.ec"

If you get this error
Please refer to step Step 4 again and recheck make sure both of them are listed as "Inactive"

The demo should stop playing for now.

You may want to check out the video below for detailed steps and guide

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to install Windows 10 on a Late 2013 MacBook Pro 13" Retina and getting macOS High Sierra updated.

I have been googling and trying different methods the whole week.

Finally got it resolved and learned quite a bit.

 Firstly this entry is just for my own future reference should I encounter and ever forget how to do it again.

I successfully applied this technique to a MacBook Pro 13" Retina of Late 2013 edition.

Steps below I have taken to successfully upgrade to macOS High Sierra and installed Windows 10 Pro via bootcamp

p/s: The Mac OS recovery partition was still intact and had OS Maverick in it as factory default

1. Press Option key during boot and enter the recovery partition of the MacBook Pro

2. Select Disk Utility and erase the whole partition (Yes you are going to lose everything, so backup as needed.)

3. Reinstall MacOS from the recovery partition (Yes it will take some time maybe you can watch some netflix or play a few rounds of PUBG)

  • 3.1 - - - - Press the "About This Mac" to check and confirm if the version of your Mac is 10.9.5 

4. After clean reinstall, go to safari and google "macos high sierra" it will automatically suggest you to App Store to get this update. (Key in your apple ID here to get the update, and do something else when it is updating because it will also take quite a while)

5. After fully upgraded Press the "About This Mac" to check and confirm if the version of your Mac is 10.13.5 (This step is crucially important because there was one instance whereby I check the app store it showed that the MacOS High Sierra have been installed but the "About This Mac" version was still showing 10.9.5 (Which in my case was OS Maverick)

6. Download the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft's website I will leave a link here but maybe in the future it might be a broken link...Who knows right (ISO DOWNLOAD LINK)

7. Open Boot Camp Assistant and plug in any USB pendrive which has capacity 16GB and above

8. Tick all three options and press next to start the windows installation.

  • 8.1 You will need to select the downloaded Windows 10 ISO file as per the on screen instruction.
  • 8.2 This will take a long time for both download of the windows support files and also Copying of the ISO files to the USB Pendrive.
  • 8.3 At the end of this process you are required to choose how much partition out of your MacOS HDD you are assigning to Windows. (Windows 10 Recommended size is 55GB)
9. Your PC will automatically restart and windows installation will begin.
  • 9.1 Some hiccups you will encounter include unable to install into the bootcamp partition. just select format from the options below. and press next to proceed normally.
  • 9.2 And you will be prompted to enter a windows product key. Enter it now or just press don't have a product key to enter it again later. You're installation can be continued regardless of product key availability.

10. Should you check your "about windows properties" and some how unable to get Windows 10 activated, you can try this guide. They surely are working (Windows 10 Activation workaround)

11. You can now enjoy best of both world just press Option key and select the partition which you wish to boot into.


Old Mac ---> Format to Maverick
Maverick ---> Update to High Sierra
High Sierra ---> Boot Camp
Boot Camp ---> Win 10 ISO
Win 10 ISO ---> Win 10 Activation

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to remove Phonebooster from Android Smartphone. (Malware Solved, Version 1.1)

Got scammed to download an apk file thinking it was from a friend.

3 super difficult things you need to do first in order to remove it.

1. Enable Airplane Mode (The app will keep trying to auto run you need to reboot, if it is running you can't click anything on your phone)

2. If you've follow the Phonebooster app's instructions and enable it via the "accessibility" menu you need to quickly tap and turn it off. After you've successfully turned it off, you may turn off Airplane mode.
(I tried for like 30 minutes) it shows you only a flick of the page after checking the box you still need to click "OK" to turn it off.

3. Download Avast Mobile Security & Avast Cleanup (You can only download this after you've completed steps 1 & 2 on the above) the main app we are using is Avast Cleanup

Now for the easier 3 steps

Enter android "Safe Mode" by clicking the power button, you will bring up the power menu. Which says power off, reboot, airplane mode....bla bla bla...

Click the "Power Off" with your physical power button at the same time to bring up the "Reboot into Safe Mode" menu. Click OK to enter "Safe Mode"

Once you've successfully entered "Safe Mode" (You can see the words "Safe Mode" on your phone screen)
Go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administrators ->
You may see 2 Device administrators, one which is preventing you from regularly uninstalling the Phonebooster app. Click on it and click deactivate, I find that clicking once doesn't work I clicked until it showed Phonebooster app has stopped working.

After the device administrator has been deactivated you can see that it is permanently gone.
Go to Avast Cleanup -> Advance cleaning -> Applications -> Select the Phonebooster app to remove it.

Finally click the "Empty Trash" to complete the removal.

Hope this help any of you out there. Just sharing my experience so that you can retain your valuable data, images, text, songs, videos, memories....

Peace out till next time! Cheers


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to fix Playstore download error 400 or 403

How to fix Playstore download error 400 or 403 (could not download from google play store due to error 400 or 403)


Method 1: The most common fix for most Android market or Google Play related errors.
Go to system settings>> Accounts>>Google>>remove your Gmail account
Now from settings>>Apps>>All> Force stop, Clear data and cache for Google Play Store, Google Service Framework and Download Manager (like in method 1)
Now again go to settings>> Accounts>>Google>>Add your gmail account
Restart your android and then accept all the Google terms and setup Google settings
Rerun Google Play Store and update or install your app.

Method 2-Clearing Proxy: (Usually Alcatel One Touch 6033x fixed by this method)
Go to settings >> Wireless and Networks >> More >> Mobile Networks


APN (Access Point Name) >> Maxis or Celcom or Digi >> Edit

Select clear Proxy option

Try to re-run the installation in Google Play Store

Method 3-Router Proxy Settings:
Open your router configuration or settings panel (usually typing on the browser brings up the router settings on my TP-Link router)
Now find your filter settings >> Uncheck Proxy
If that didn’t work  also uncheck Cookies box from the filter settings
Now install your app from Google Play

Method 4- Alternative Google account
Create another Google account if you currently have only one account
Open Google Play Store >> Press Menu button >> Accounts >> select the alternative Gmail account
Now try installing the app

Method 5- Browser Fix:  I found this solution on Phonebuff.  
Go to play.google.com on your Computer’s web browser (preferably Google Chrome).
Sign into your Google account (by hitting the sign-in button at the top right).
Search for the app you wish to purchase and download.
Open the app’s page up by clicking the title link.
On the “install” or “purchase” button, right click and press “inspect element.”
Above the row that will be highlighted, you’ll see several lines of code. Locate the “data-ispurchased=”true” code (near the bottom of the paragraph).
Double click on the “true” in data-ispurchased=”true” and change it to “false” then press enter on your keyboard.
Now click on “installed” or “purchased” to buy the app as you normally would
These methods might seem like a lot of work but hopefully one of these methods will solve the 403 error for your Android.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

How to unlock/bypass lock code iPad 4 version 6.1.3 with iTunes

Recently I received an Apple iPad WiFi + Cellular (Model: A1460) which had nothing displaying on screen. The only thing I knew it was connected to my PC (Windows 8 64-bit) was via the "USB sound" when connecting the iPad 4 via the lighting USB connector.

Gather the software(s) below. (I won't be linking them here, just Google around. Unless you really can't find it email me)

1. iTunes

2. iPad 4 WiFi Firmware

3. iPad 4 WiFi+Cellular Firmware

Follow the steps below.

1. Enter DFU Mode (you can search at youtube on how to do this)

2. Plugin your iPad 4 WiFi+Cellular & restore with iPad 4 WiFi Firmware *press shift+restore (You'll meet with an error if you try to use the WiFi+Cellular firmware) at the middle of the progress you'll here the "USB disconnect sound" once you don't here anything else, press & hold the power+home button till you hear the "USB connect sound" once you hear that make sure that you can see the apple logo. 

3. Plug out the USB Cable if you do it right you will end up in the lock screen. Once you're in the lock screen, do this process until it hangs "slide to unlock -> cancel -> slideshow button" *if there's no slideshow button I believe you can stop here.

4. Once the iPad has jammed up, plug it in & boot into DFU mode once again. Run the iPad 4 WiFi only firmware again this time it will show success updating the firmware but the screen will still be dark.

5. Reconnect the iPad to your PC & itunes will prompt you to restore it once again. This time select the WiFi+Cellular firmware. If all is ok you'll end up with a brand new updated iPad 4.

That is all, I apologize for any typo or grammer mistake. Just sincerely hope that this sharing could assist someone till iOS 7 arrive this fall.

Signing Off,

William Lim
Try again if at first you don't succeed. I tried for 3++ hours. Good Luck

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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How to remove Huawei P20 Pro Demo Retail Video from playing over and over again.

If you ever bought a Huawei P20 Pro demo phone online and found out later that you couldn't use it because it has a demo video which kep...

How to Fix Playstore download error 400 / 403